European Pork

Food Safety

The EU's commitment to consumer health and safety is famously uncompromising and demands the highest standards of food safety and animal welfare from food producers. These are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, based on a commitment to coherent and rigorous ‘farm-to-fork' systems where excellence is expected at all stages of production and is continuously monitored for compliance. This commitment to consumer health and safety means that growth hormones are strictly forbidden in EU food production, while the use of antibiotics and other medicines is strictly controlled and may only be used when absolutely necessary. Ractopomine, a growth stimulant used in other countries outside the EU is banned in Europe. And rigorous veterinary controls are in place to ensure no residual medicines can enter the food supply chain.

As a major food producing island on the western edge of Europe, Ireland has distinct advantages in animal health and food safety:

  • Ireland's ISLAND STATUS allows Irish pig producers to minimise and control disease risks.
  • Ireland's family-run farms combine efficient, modern production with the HIGHEST SAFETY & SUSTAINABILITY standards.
  • Ireland does NOT have a wild boar population, mitigating the risk of African swine fever exposure.