European Pork

Meeting Customer Specifications

Irish pork producers work with retail, foodservice, distributor and manufacturing clients on a global basis and have an understanding of the specific requirements and specifications of their customers and markets.

Irish pork destined for Asian markets is graded as per the requirements of the customer base. Carcasses are selected from specific weight ranges, with lean meat, fat levels and depth of cuts and primals selected and agreed with clients in advance.

Specific pork loin colour requirements are also met and the feedback from Asian customers is particularly positive on the colour formation of Irish pork.

Pork carcasses are selected pre-chilled and graded by a combination of weight and lean meat content. Selected carcasses are chilled together and split post chilling in the same batches to ensure consistency in meeting customer requirements.

All Irish pork products destined for export outside the EU are subject to inspection by veterinarians working for Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. This ensures the specific requirements of the importing country are met, along with the high standards expected by EU law. Pork exports destined for outside the EU are transported in containers sealed before they leave the processing facility.