The Food Ireland

Ireland is a country that is fortunate to have the Gulf stream bringing warm waters up from the Gulf of Mexico and this is what explains Ireland's mild temperate climate.

Our abundant rainfall means we have a longer growing season than anywhere else in Europe perfect for creating green lush landscapes that nourish our animals.

Optimum Climate

With its temperate ocean climate, Ireland does not suffer from the excessive temperature fluctuations experienced by other areas at its latitude. Winters are short and mild, summers never too dry or sultry. Our hills and mountains, near most of the coast, create a safe shelter from wind and ocean currents. Under such favorable conditions, livestock is kept indoors from mid-November to mid-March and are free to live outdoors for rest of the year.

Clear Water

Flowing from springs into streams, rivers and finally the ocean, a natural and harmonious cycle guarantees the absolute purity of every drop that falls on our valleys. Regular rainfall, between 1,000 and 1,400 mm per year (2,000 mm maximum is found at high elevations), nourishes our land, aiding the growth of lush pastures. Constant monitoring and environmental protection preserves and safeguards the health of all waterways.

Fertile Soil

Pick up the soil of Europe. It is fertile and full of vitality. Minerals in soil are the basis for our daily history of harmony with nature, quality, and health. Organic ingredients and other nutrients bring a rich depth to the valleys and meadows. The soil components, which have different characteristics in each region, contribute to shaping an ideal environment for growing feed for livestock.

Clear Air

Open your eyes, look around and breathe. Every breath of air is as pure as a new beginning. The air quality in Ireland, measured by the Environmental Protection Agency, has the highest AQIH (Air Quality Index for Health) values in Europe. On a scale from 1 to 10, the different regions in Ireland have for years maintained a score of 1 to 3, proof of the love and commitment that every Irish person has for their land.